Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dear friends, ATTENTION PLEASE! We are sad to share this news with you.

There were the thieves in our ROHMIR London Shop on Maddox street again. They operate as a group of three black women, looking not very presentable, also known as "SPICE GIRLS'. It was the fourth time they have stolen something from us.

It gives us to think that our beautiful designer styles will appear on sale or on the any web platforms.

It will be highly appreciated if you could kindly report to us if you see some clothes by ROHMIR under these circumstances.
Thank you for your cooperation, stay blessed and safe.

Missing items:

#RMD0694 Ocelina dress, #RMA0695 Gallor bag, #RMB0826 Ellington long sequin skirt#RMT0845 Renee sequin corset 

British Fashion Ambassador wearing ROHMIR on China's biggest online TV station!

British Fashion Ambassador, Model, Creative Director and simply - Beautiful Woman - Kelly England Prehn looks stunning wearing outstanding shiny tweed styles by ROHMIR while being interviewed on China's biggest online TV station! Repost from @kellyenglandprehn

Thursday, 10 December 2015

New press coverage of Moscow BAKU

 New press coverage of Moscow BAKU by Лейла Мурад